Children’s Tropical Forests (U.K.) is a registered charity dedicated to the protection, conservation and regeneration of the world’s tropical forests by means of active fund-raising, education and direct action in the forests themselves. All donations both individual and corporate specifically given for rainforest purchase go directly to the projects with whom we work, save for the usual banking transfer charges.

Our mandate is to perform 3 key tasks:

To raise funds for the purchase of tracts of biologically important tropical rainforests worldwide in order to preserve these ecosystems for future generations. We have carried out successful land purchase conservation projects in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Amazonia and Thailand, helping to create some of the world’s most important, biodiverse tropical rainforest reserves such as The Monteverde Cloud forest and the ACG reserves in Costa Rica, The Uwazu Lowland rainforest reserve in Brazil and Jatun Sacha Reserve in Ecuador.

To raise funds for the education of the indigenous populations of the world’s tropical rainforest regions, promoting the use of sustainable agriculture and agro-forestry programs. Successful projects include the setting up of a local education centre associated with the Khao Nor Chuchi forest reserve in Southern Thailand.

To work with schools to help educate children on the importance of tropical rainforest ecosystems both in terms of maintaining the world’s biodiversity but also in controlling the planet’s climate. We have carried out many successful educational initiatives and appeals with schools across the UK.

Will you join with us to save rainforests for everyone, now and tomorrow?

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