So you may wonder how you can possibly do a project that can raise money to help save the rainforests of the world. You might be sat at school thinking, there must be something I could do? Some way we could help?

Well you are right, there are loads of ways to help the rainforest and THIS is one of them.

There is a lady called Sue Memhard (you can find out about her from her website). Sue has written a book about the rainforest, it’s called Dream The Forest Wild. The idea is, we can all download the book for nothing! And then once we have it in our grasp, we can then illustrate the book ourselves, in any way we wish.

Once you have done the illustrations, you can display your book in your school or community, and send your illustrations to the site, where they will post them for all to see! Here is an example.

To raise money for the Children’s Eternal Rainforest you can then have a book sale, a Dream The Forest Wild performance, a bake sale, etc.

Here is some info from the guys at Sues website…

A NEW CHILDREN’S STORY and a BOOK PROJECT to help the Children’s Eternal Rainforest
DREAM THE FOREST WILD – How Children Saved a Rainforest
by Sue Memhard with Jim Crisp (the forest’s founding Director)

This joyful, inspiring story for all ages of how the Children’s Eternal Rainforest was created is co-authored by the MCL Director who gave the forest its name.
The children’s Dream of 20 years ago to save a rainforest is still alive. Now, you can help keep the forest wild and safe for the next 20 years, and at the same time help your school.

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