The Khao Nor Chuchi Reserve

Khao Nor Chuchi located in Krabi provence, is one of the few remaining areas of intact lowland rainforest in peninsular Thailand. Despite its relatively small size at 12 sq miles it supports a spectacular range of animals, plants, insects and birds including the rare Gurney’s Pitta. This beautiful bird, known locally as the Jewel Thrush, was thought to be extinct not having been seen for thirty years until it was rediscovered in 1986 at Khao Nor Chuchi.

Thanks to the Royal Thai Forest department and to the efforts of the Birdlife International and the local Thai community, Gurney’s Pitta and its forest habitat is now protected.

Children’s Tropical Forests has raised £35,000 which has funded the construction of a building which is used as an information and education centre. In addition CTF(UK) has supported reforestation of degraded land, encouraged eco-tourism as a further source of income to the local community and provided funds for the creation of nature trails.

Gurney's Pitta

A little while back CTF were involved with a project in Thailand, Khao Noi Chuchi, with Birdlife International. We produced a video that talks about what CTF do within their projects, it’s now on YouTube, but I have included it here as well. The voice over is by our patron, Bill Oddie.

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