Cristalino Jungle Lodge
Matto Grosso

I lay awake in my luxury bed, in my luxury room, it’s about 2 o’clock in the morning and I’m really wondering what I’m doing here.  It’s inky black. The torrential rain that followed the thunderstorm that had brought last night’s blog to an untimely end is hammering down on the roof of my bungalow.

I’ve had no sleep (pretty well) since my journey from England started three days ago. I’ve been desperately waiting and wanting to get into the wonderful forest all around me – and now it’s going to damn well rain all day?  I feel lonely and a long way from home. Typical feelings in the small hours of the first night on a trip like this.

And then! And then! I thought. What do you know about rain in the Amazon? Well, it very often rains for long periods during the night and then magically just before dawn it stops – although rain drops keep falling from the myriad leaf tips for another couple of hours.  At dawn it is often misty but the sun appears in an hour or so.

So feeling much happier and crossing my fingers that I was going to be right about the weather my thoughts turned back to the previous afternoon…

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