Gift Aid is a scheme that allows us to claim back the basic rate of tax on the donations you make to us. That means for every pound donated with giftaid we can claim back 28 pence from HM Revenue & Custom. This has no extra cost to you, you still donate the amount you state, the government just add the 28% to that as well.

Anyone who is a UK tax payer can make a Gift Aid declaration when they donate money to us online. It’s the only reason we take your home address during the donations process. Without your address we can’t claim the tax back. By clicking the button for Gift Aid you are making a declaration of:

– your name
– your home address
– the fact you are giving to The Children’s Tropical Forests
– details of the donation – saying that it is a gift aid donation
– confirmation that you have paid UK tax – to cover the tax the charity will reclaim.

There are occasions when Gift Aid is sadly not applicable. These are when the donation is from a company or if the money being donated is from a fund raising event or collection. We don’t have a declaration from each donor so can’t claim back the tax.

If you are planning to run a fund raising event and would like us to be able to claim back the Gift Aid on the donations you receive, then drop us a line and we can provide you with a sponsorship form which will allow you to take the address of each of your sponsors and donors.

That’s it. It’s not very exiciting stuff we know! But it makes a big difference to funds we can raise so thank you.

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