At CTF we know that every modern business faces the challenge of balancing wealth creation with good environmental and social performance. We also know that an effective corporate responsibility policy is fundamental to a company’s continued success, with the aim being to minimise the impact of the business on the communities in which we all work.

In the modern era, with distance dissolved by the Internet and big firms having offices all over the world, the community within which we all work, is increasingly becoming a global one. Therefore, it is our corporate responsibility to help look after the worlds depleting resources, one of which is the rainforest.

Having a long lasting CSR relationship with a charity, such as CTF, can make you a company that people want to work FOR and that customers want to work WITH. It is the link between your values and your actions.

Do you feel your brand could benefit from a partnership with us? We could help you push your environmental agenda in the workplace and to your customers.

If you are serious about making corporate changes to help the environment and would like to understand more about how CTF can help you and how you can help the rainforests then hit the contact link at the very top of the page.

We’d love to talk to you.

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