Fraud using our site

Fraud using our site

It has come to our attention in the last 24 hours that we have been receiving donations of £1 into our account.

These donations (1600+) of them are clearly fraudulent transactions.

We have investigated with our payment provider RBS WorldPay (who have been excellent with their assistance) and we have found that a scammer in Vietnam has been using our payment mechanism to check credit cards for validity. Thousands of them.

When he/she gets a confirmation that the £1 donation has gone through, they then know they have a working UK credit/debit card.

We have made changes to prevent this happening again on our site as directed by RBS WorldPay and we are in the process of refunding every single £1 donation. Its a very manual process and we have to do each one individually. Many hours of work.

Our information suggests that because this fraudster now knows your credit card is a working UK credit card, it is best to cancel the card before it is used for larger amounts.

We will have all refunds completed by this evening (Friday 29th May)

We are informed this is not an unusual practise within the fraud community and that we are simply one of many charities to be attacked/used in this way.

I’d like to thank RBS WorldPay for going beyond the call of duty (especially the technical support team) to help a small UK charity with no paid staff, resolve this very unsettling situation and thank them for waiving their usual transaction fees for each of these fraudulent transactions. A cost that is not inconsiderable to a small charity.

Your £1 will be back on your card as soon as your card issuer can process the refund.

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