Who was Charles Darwin?

Who was Charles Darwin?

It’s not easy keeping up with history, it changes every, well every second really, so when I started to research Charles Darwins life it came as little surprise to me that there is a great deal of very complicated material out there. After all, discovering and defining the evolution of evolution was never going to be quick.

I was searching for some top level info, I didn’t want to read ‘The Origin of Species’ cover to cover if I am honest, so I was looking for something a little more Twitter and a little less Trinity College.

I found a load of information, so here is my Top 5 links on Mr Darwin for someone with an attention span of, well, of me really. I may have evolved from a knatt. ‘I think.’

So if you want to know about The Beagle, Charles Darwin, The Galapagos Islands and evolution, check these Top 5 for starters

Science News – The man who rocked biology to its core

Short article explaining Darwin in plain english

BBC Science & Environment – 7 short video articles about Darwin

Videos showing Darwin theory and projects celebrating his bi-centenary

New Scientist -Evolution: 24 myths and misconceptions

So you thought you knew Evolution?

Amazon – Evolution for Kids (Ok so its not an article!)

Projects you can do to check Darwin was right!

BBC iPlayer – The Tree of Life

Comprehensive, BBC quality, iPlayer documentary about Darwin, by David Attenborough

That should get you started if you need any info for projects on Darwin!

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