About Children’s Tropical Forests

About Children’s Tropical Forests

Welcome to the Children’s Tropical Forests (U.K.) website. We are a registered charity dedicated to the protection, conservation and regeneration of the world’s tropical forests by means of education and direct action in the forests themselves. All donations received go direct to our projects with no deduction for administration.

Children are the most readily educated and the most enthusiastic about the forests’ inhabitants. It is our children and our children’s children that will be most affected by the depletion of the world’s tropical forests, in terms of loss of habitat and thereby its resources and by the adverse effects of such loss on the world’s economy, climate and environment.

Children’s Tropical Forests (U.K.) is now a part of an informal international network of children’s charities working together to save what remains of the world’s rainforests. A successful initiative by Swedish school children to buy forest at Monteverde in Costa Rica in 1988 was soon followed by children in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and Japan resulting in the purchase and protection for successive generations of over 35,000 acres (14,500 hectares) of primary tropical forest. In 1990 this was designated the first International Children’s Rainforest of Costa Rica. Since then there has been successful international co-operation in the field of education and direct access for forests in Thailand, Guatemala, Ecuador and Brazil.

Action by the supporters of CTF (U.K.) both young and old has already achieved the purchase of large tracts of forest within the International Children’s Rainforest Monteverde, Costa Rica and the construction of a protection centre with equipment and education programme at Khao Nor Chuchi, Thailand. We now need urgent support for our initiatives at the Bridge Project (Rincon) Rainforest in Costa Rica, Bilsa in North West Ecuador and Uwasu Rainforest Reserve in Amazonian Brazil.

Will you join with us and with children from around the world in continuing to save rainforests for everyone, now and tomorrow?

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