Rincon Rainforest

The best place to find out about the Rincon Rainforest is on Dan & Winnie Janzens website. These guys have been running the organisation who have aggregated all the donations from around the world to save this rainforest. And they have done it. 5600 hectares of endangered tropical rainforest in Costa Rica is now saved into perpetuity.

The way it works is this. Organisations like ourselves raise funds and then chose where to deploy these funds so kindly gifted to us by people like yourself! One of the projects we have given to over the years is the work Dan & Winnie do with their organisation the Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund (GDFCF).

GDFCF take the funds we and others raise and purchase land with it. They identify the land owners, approach them and purchase the land. They purchase the land in the Rincon Forest, just one of the many sectors in the ACG, and then turn it over to the Area Conservacion Guanacaste (ACG), a government national parks organisation. There is no overhead on the donations, neither CTF (UK) or GDFCF take any administration costs out of your donation. The fact of the matter is, every penny goes to land purchase and all the work is carried out pro bono. If you’d like to help us in some way, click the Get Involved link above!

So if Rincon Forest is saved, then what next?

North of the Rincon Forest, within the ACG, is an area designated as Sector A. Sector A is the target now. To find out more about Sector A and our appeal to raise funds, hit a Sector A tag at the bottom of this post or in the tag cloud on the right.

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