How can the Amazon develop sustainably?

How can the Amazon develop sustainably?

This article from the Economist was brought to my attention by a chap I met at a trustee meeting for a new Charity called Leapfrog.

Leapfrog is a unique business-led not-for-profit organisation that channels pro bono (free) services from top businesses into activities that deliver carbon reductions and they look set to make a huge difference by leveraging the desire of professionals in the corporate world to utilise their acquired skills for the not for profit sector, specifically in the climate change arena.

The article talks about how the Amazon ‘could’ develop into the future, focusing on both the needs of the  population within the forests of Brazil and the need for lond term sustainability and forest conservation.

Given the fact that the forest is one and a half times the size of India (8 times the size of Texas according to the article) and is home to over 10 million people, it’s an issue that needs a plan.

The article has some great case studies about villages and towns that have grown and thrive in the forest like Manaus,

About 900 miles (1,500km) downriver to the east, in Amazonas state, stands Manaus. Rubber barons built the city from the 1860s onwards. Its early residents made up for their distance from the European centres of fashion by trying to outdo Paris during the BELLE ePOQUE in drinking and debauchery. Now Manaus’s Zona Franca is the workshop for most of the televisions, washing machines and other white goods sold in Brazil. Special arrangements allow firms such as Sony and LG to import parts tax-free from elsewhere in the world and assemble them there. Despite being surrounded on all sides by thick forest, Manaus hums with manufacturing.

Have a read of it, I think it sounds like a good plan for the future development.

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