Pay countries to keep their forests

There is an interesting article in the environmental section of the FT regarding paying countries to keep the rainforest they have, rather than selling out to logging firms. It does seem like a very viable option. The president of Guyana has been asking the UK government to pay for his rainforests as a way to off set the carbon that our country pollutes the rest of the world with.

Preserving the rainforests is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to cut emissions.. Stanley Fink, former CEO of the hedge fund Man Group

I think we would all tend to agree. It largely doesn’t matter where the money comes from, so long as it isn’t procured or generated through the direct degradation of the rainforest itself. I think varying people have varying views on this. Some would view this as ‘tainted money’ others would say ‘the only problem with tainted money is their taint enough of it!’

‘Send lawyers, guns and money’ or so the 1978 Warren Zevon lyrics go. I don’t think we need lawyers or guns, it’s just the money we need. Dan Janzen talked on this blog about exactly this point. There is no silver bullet to rainforest conservation. The fact is, if conservationists don’t purchase the land then the land owners will sell to the loggers to make their investment pay.

Prince Charles seems to agree as well.

Can big business buy the rainforests? And indeed, why should they?

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