CTF heads for a Carbon Neutral website

CTF heads for a Carbon Neutral website

Here at Children’s Tropical Forest we’ve taken a step to making our website operation carbon neutral by teaming up with NS Design for the supply of our web hosting.

NS Design use data centres owned by Coreix the first UK data centre to become carbon neutral.

On March 26th, 2007 Coreix became the first UK based managed hosting services company to take the crucial step to make their operations more environmentally friendly. On behalf of all their clients Coreix is voluntarily offsetting all the CO2 emissions caused by its data centre and are the first UK data centre to do so. Coreix contributions have been used to help purchase the Rodas property, a 45 hectare extension to the Buenaventura Reserve managed by Fundación Jocotoco in the foothills of the Andes in south-western Ecuador.

But it isn’t just through the use of Coreix data centres that NSDesign are making their products greener, they also do work in the UK with Tree Appeal, a tree planting scheme. As NS Design explain…

As an ethical business we care about the environment, and recently became one of the few web service companies to become carbon neutral, by completely offsetting our carbon footprint.

Our partnership with Tree Appeal allows us to do even more – by pledging to plant a native broad leaf tree for every customer who purchases our new “Green Web Hosting Plan”. They’ll also get an official certificate (digital of course!) thanking them for their contribution, as well as links to specific environmental websites and carbon calculators.

Data centres have a huge environmental impact due to the massive amount of electricity they consume to power the servers and the climate control needed to keep everything cool.

As this article from Tech Republic illustrates..

Here’s one of the interesting things about all of these new data centers that are going up in rural areas — their energy consumption. For example, Microsoft’s new data center will consume 48 megawatts of power, or enough to power about 40,000 homes. According the US Census Bureau, for 2005 all of Grant County, Washington (which includes Quincy) contained only 30,605 housing units. That means that Microsoft’s new data center will consume about 30% more energy than all of the people in the entire county combined.

We can all do our bit and choosing our suppliers based on their environmental credentials is a good place to start.

For more information on carbon reduction, check out Zero Carbonista as well.

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