Working for good, is it for you?

Working for good, is it for you?

At CTF everyone involved works on a pro bono basis, not a single penny of donations is spent on administration overhead, everything goes to land purchase or other projects. It’s the same with many of the projects we raise money for, such as the GDFCF.

But is it for everyone? What makes someone or an organisation want to do pro bono work? Is it out of a sense of duty, or just a marketing gimick? Is it a sense of pride or a sense of shame that drives a person to leverage their professional skills for the common good?

We understand the success of our company requires the support of the communities and organisations in which we are members. As a successful marketing communications agency, Frameworks believes a great way to thank these communities is by sharing our wealth of experience and knowledge in the form of charitable Pro Bono work. {Frameworks Web Design Agency}

Well that’s how Frameworks, a web design agency, see it as an organisation and they have done some lovely work for the Rights and Humanity website.

But as an individual I am personally driven by many things. I enjoy web design, but I am neither trained nor have a talent for it, but I enjoy it. Hence my involvement in the redesign of this website. My inner geek also drives me to want to be involved with the site. My professional skills allow me to develop website strategy and execute on it, but it gives me a great sense of achievement.

The rainforest cause for me is something I feel very strongly in. To do nothing is simply not an option. It is so far removed from our daily lives in the UK and Europe that raising the profile here is vital to get people donating in any way they can. We are reliant on a resource thousands of miles away, a resource that we consume in a variety of ways either directly or indirectly. I feel compelled to do something to save it both at a local level here at home with recycling, energy efficiency and the rest of the good stuff we can all do, but to also act directly to help IN the rainforest in some way. This allows that.

I’ll be asking the other guys at CTF and some of our project owners to see what motivates them and of course, we’d love to hear your views.

If you can help with some time and energy then we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Rob Says:

    A big thank you to Kirstinpauk from the woothemes team for his help with some coding changes. All done for no fee. We appreciate it. Check out if you need a wordpress theme for your website

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